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• Identifying more with Neoexpressionism, my paintings also mark a return from abstraction to figuration.
• They are based on emotions provoked by color and strong references to nature. As a form of Neo-expressionism, my work covers a wide range of naturalistic subjects but also objects and media, ranging from paintings, drawings, large works on paper and prints to tapestries and computer-generated images.
• My art training began in 2020, in the midst of the World Pandemic, this allowed me to be able to totally devote myself to art and complete online art courses such as the Coursera course certified by the Mom Museum in NYC.
•Since then I have been working and exhibiting continuously in many solo exhibitions but also presenting at international fairs such as ART Basel in Miami and Basel in Switzerland; thanks to the advent of technology, which has made the possibility of virtual display of works available to all and at the same time has pushed artists to explore different ways of expressing themselves.
• The reference to naturalistic and abstract subjects is due to my constant daily routine that allows me to be in full contact with nature and the energetic forces it releases to you. their aspirations and my need to express their energetic power through colors and the very materials I incorporate into the canvas such as ( Lava-Salt-Wine and menstrual blood), has led to a flow of paintings and artistic inspirations in these last few years of work.

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